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The home of premium candles, wax products and diffusers

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A range of luxury fragrancing products hand crafted in Plymouth, Devon.

Every product is hand made to order which means they’re always fresh. Our candles are clean burning and do not contain paraffin wax (like many others) which makes our candles suitable for asthmatics and eco-aware people.

The range of scents available are high quality premium blends that you will enjoy melting time and time again.

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Scent Core offers luxury handcrafted vegan friendly wax and diffuser products in a range of premium scents to compliment any environment.

Specialising in luxury wax melts, premium candles and exquisite diffusers to compliment any space whether at home, in the office or on the move.

The majority of our range is made to order and special requests can usually be undertaken so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Passionate about wax melts? So are we

The biggest problem with finding new melts and choosing your scents...
You're never completely sure what to pick!

We've got you covered with our new sample boxes! Click below for a random selection of melts (you can request particular scents you want to try) to have them delivered right to your door!

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Reasons you will love a Scent Core candle

Soy Wax is more Eco-friendly than Paraffin Wax

We even use wooden wicks, providing a consistent, stable, heavy metal & zinc free flame.

All of our products are handmade so each product is truly unique.

Soy wax is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It contains no pesticides or herbicides.

Soy wax can be cleaned from surfaces with hot soap and water, but remember although it is bio-degradable, it is still wax! Avoid pouring down your drains.

Carbon Neutral – Cleaner burn than Paraffin based candles. Soy wax burns without creating the soot or smoke unlike other Paraffin brands or soy blends.

Soy wax is an excellent choice for those who wish to burn more environmentally friendly candles. In fact it’s so natural the raw wax is actually edible and without color or fragrance could be used for cooking (although we don’t recommend it)!

Soy wax tends to have a ‘rustic’ look after the melt pool has cooled. This is due to the natural makeup of the wax and in no way affects the way your candle will burn.

Soy wax burns cooler than paraffin wax, therefore increasing your candles life by burning for longer – up to 50% longer! Soy wax has a lower melt point so remember to keep your soy candle out of direct sunlight as this may cause it to ‘sweat’. If this happens, remove your candle from the heat source and allow to cool. It will quickly return to its normal state.