The Wax Melt Sample Box


The perfect way to explore a new range and find your scent

Featuring a curated range to help you find you scent or discover new ones – inside each box you will find six packs of star wax melts in different scents. Each pack contains two melts for you to try in different settings.



This is all about indulgence

Our sample box contains a curated selection of wax melts in different scents for you to enjoy – as you unwrap the tissue paper enveloping these melts you’ll immediately be greeted with their scents with each lasting in your melter for several days of highly scented bliss. You’ll find a menu card included to tell you all about each of the scents in your box and even a discount code off of your next order! What’s not to love?

Each melt is lovingly hand crafted in the heart of Devon and delivered directly to you. They are highly scented and use only premium soy wax, finished in a variety of colours and shimmers. Where possible we try to use recyclable packaging and materials – luxury doesn’t have to come at a price to the environment.

If you have particular scents you would like to try please include them as a note with your order and we will always try to include these – you can also request individual colours or request no glitter or shimmer this way as well.


Warning – by using this box you may not be able to settle on one scent. You may not be able to choose favourites and end up wanting them all.


Additional information

Weight0.150 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 2.5 cm
Wax Melt Type



Each box contains six bags of star wax melts. Inside each of these bags is 2 star wax melts. That's a total of 12 star wax melts in six different scents


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